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[PDF][ePUB][MOBI] Supplement for the Seeker of Certitude (From Zad al-Mustaqni) by Musa al-Hajjawi al-Hanbali

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Supplement for the Seeker of Certitude
Worship from Zad al-Mustaqni
By Musa al-Hajjawi al-Hanbali
Translation By Musa Furber
Paperback 217 Pages
ISBN 9781944904098
Publisher: Islamosaic


Description From The Publisher

Supplement for the Seeker of Certitude presents the sections related to worship from Musa al-Ḥajjawi’s Zad al-Mustaqni’, an abridgment of Ibn Qudamah’s Al-Muqni’ that sticks to the school’s official position, removing extraneous issues, and adding a few necessary things.

The book is extremely terse yet it still manages to present the basics for the school along with issues rarely found in books twice its length. The book was accepted by scholars of the school to such an extent that some said that whoever has memorized it is fit to be a judge.

The book continues to be considered essential reading for students of the school, making it a natural choice for presenting the school to English readers.

It is more advanced than Ḥanbalī Acts of Worship and it is intended to be read as a supplement to it.

The chapters covered in the text include: 

  • Purification
  • Prayer
  • Zakah
  • Fasting 
  • Pilgrimage 
  • and jihad

The text includes numerous notes from Manṣur al-Buhuti’s commentary Al-Rawḍ al-Murbi.

About The Author

Sharaf ud-Din Abul Manja Musa ibn Ahmad ibn Musa ibn Salim ibn Ahmad ibn `Isa ibn Salim Al-Hajjawi Al-Maqdisi As-Salihi. Born in 895 AH in the village of Hajjah (one of the hamlets around and incorporated into the city of Nablus) in Palestine, he was raised in the village and started his memorisation of Qur’an and early sciences.

Having studied with his father and notable scholars of Hajjah, upon reaching adulthood he headed to Damascus and began keeping the company of the grand marja`, Imam Ash-Shuwaiki. His lessons would be conducted in the famous Salihiyyah school in Damascus which has a 900 year old history of scholarship.

The study embarked upon included the memorisation of the creed texts Ibtal ut-Ta’wilat by Al-Qadi Abu Ya`la Al-Baghdadi (d. 458 AH), Lum`at ul-I`tiqad by Imam Muwaffaq ud-Din Ibn Qudamah (d. 620AH), Nihayah by Imam Ibn Hamdan (d. 695 AH) along with other selected texts on the topic.

He died in 968 AH and was buried in Palestine.

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[PDF][ePUB][MOBI] Supplement for the Seeker of Certitude (From Zad al-Mustaqni) by Musa al-Hajjawi al-Hanbali
[PDF][ePUB][MOBI] Supplement for the Seeker of Certitude (From Zad al-Mustaqni) by Musa al-Hajjawi al-Hanbali
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