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[PDF][ePUB][MOBI] In Defence of The Four Imams By Ibn Taymiyah

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■ Why did the distinguished jurists, notably the Four Imams of early Muslim history differ?

■ Why do some of their views apparently contradict authentic scriptural texts?

■ And why do their followers seem to prefer their opinions even when they outwardly contradict sound prophetic traditions?

In this unique work of Ibn Taymiyah, his primary aim is to present cogent answers to these questions as he displays humble deference towards his predecessors.:

He begins his work by mentioning three excuses as to why the eponymous four Imams sometimes contravened the import of sound prophetic traditions. He then proceeds to explicate ten things prompting them to adopt one of the three aforementioned excuses.

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[PDF][ePUB][MOBI] In Defence of The Four Imams By Ibn Taymiyah
[PDF][ePUB][MOBI] In Defence of The Four Imams By Ibn Taymiyah
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