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[PDF] Sickness: Regulations And Exhortations by Muhammad al-Jibaly (1)

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Muhammad al-Jibaly
Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 177 | Size: 5 MB

The Inevitable Journey, We inevitably go through the journey starting in this life and extending into the grave, before our final abode in the hereafter. In the process, we pass through stages of sickness, death, and the intermediate life in the grave (al-Barzakh). These are the subjects that “The Inevitable Journey” discusses over a sequence of tides:

1. Sickness, Regulations & Exhortations

2. The Final Bequest, Islamic Inheritance and Will

3. Funerals, Regulations & Exhortations

4. Life in al-Barzakh

5. Dreamer’s Handbook

This book is the first in the series. It deals with sickness, which continues to afflict human beings from birth until death. Sickness strikes as light as a simple cold or allergy, and as hard as a plague or cancer. It keeps the human being under check, reminding him of his weakness and giving him a chance to turn to the One who possesses to afflict and cure. This book deals with sickness, its regulations, and lessons associated with it. It presents the Islamic stand toward a number of modern medical issues, and also discusses important regulations relating to those with disabilities.

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[PDF] Sickness: Regulations And Exhortations by Muhammad al-Jibaly (1)
[PDF] Sickness: Regulations And Exhortations by Muhammad al-Jibaly (1)
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