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[PDF] Tawhid! Tawhid! Tawhid! Monotheism by

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Abdulilah Lahmami | Markaz Mu’aadh Ibn Jabal

According to Muslims, the article of faith is the key to enter Paradise and upholding it will bring salvation from the Hell-Fire.Imam Ibn al-Qayyim (AH 1429:456) said, “The article of faith is a statement upon which the heavens and earth were established and it is upon which the creation originated. The article of faith none has the right to be worshipped except Allah is the foundation of this path… Saying it will save the person from the punishment of the grave. No one will enter paradise except due to it. If one does not hold on to this rope they will not be able to worship Him correctly. It is the statement of Islam and depending on the people’s belief, they will be either categorized as people of happiness or people of sadness.”

In order to understand Tawhid (Monotheism), we need know the meaning of the article of faith so that we are sincere in everything we say and do. Allah has commanded that we should come to know that only He deserves to be worshipped.

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[PDF] Tawhid! Tawhid! Tawhid! Monotheism by
[PDF] Tawhid! Tawhid! Tawhid! Monotheism by
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