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[PDF] Islamic Cupping & Hijamah: A Complete Guide

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This is one of the first books explaining cupping in
such detail, it will benefit the patient and the
practitioner to understand all the details of Hijamah.
Thus this book is a basic hand book on the practice
of Hijamah for the layman and the medical
Certain sections, only the one with good medical
knowledge will benefit whilst the layman can draw
information from other parts.
Many answers to commonly asked questions are
well documented. Questions such as:-
1) Who should practice Hijamah?
2) The Shaari status of Hijamah?
3) Who should have Hijamah done?
4) When should Hijamah be done?
5) What to do after Hijamah?
6) and How it is basically done?
One can safely conclude that this is a highly skilled
procedure to be done by an expert.

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[PDF] Islamic Cupping & Hijamah: A Complete Guide
[PDF] Islamic Cupping & Hijamah: A Complete Guide
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