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[PDF] Al Tawfiq

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“Tawfeeq” is often times translated as “success” or “ability”, but tawfeeq has a much deeper meaning.

Shu’ayb alayhi salaam says to his people,

وَمَا تَوْفِيقِي إِلاَّ بِاللّهِ

And my tawfeeq is only from Allah. (11:88 )

Tawfeeq from wow fa qaaf, and it literally means reconciliation or to agree. Tawfeeq is the coming together of all means that enable a person to acheive some good.

Sometimes we have the opportunity to do good, but we do not have the ability. Other times we have the ability to perform good, but don’t have the opportunity.

Tawfeeq is the ability AND the opportunity to do something, and that is when all the means come together so one can do the good they want…and this is only from Allah azza wa jal.

We ask Allah ta’ala to grant us tawfeeq in our affairs, Ameen.

Sister Fajr translated this book on Tawfeeq. A great work on Tawfeeq by Shaykh Al Munajjid.

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[PDF] Al Tawfiq
[PDF] Al Tawfiq
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