Make The Most Of Laylatul al-Qadr

Ibn Rajab رحمه الله said:

“O you who has wasted the years of his life, there is nothing that will amend those lost and wasted years except for the night of Al-Qadr, for verily its value is equivalent to that of a lifetime.”

[لطائفُ المعارف ص ١٩١]

A man was with Yahya Ibn Mu’ādh رحمه الله and recited in his presence the Āyah: 

فقولا له قولا لينا “

And speak to him (Fir’awn) with gentle speech.” (20:44)

Yahya began to weep. He then said:“My Lord, if this is Your mercy and gentleness with the one who says, ‘I am your God’ (i.e. Fir’awn claimed lordship for himself), then how will it be with the one who says that You are God? (a Muslim)

تفسير البغوي ٢٧/١

There are people…

There are people who fast and get nothing from their fast except hunger, and there are those who pray and get nothing from their prayer but a sleepless night.”

— Rasulullah ﷺ | Ibn Majah 1690

If you find yourself awaken in the midst of the night….

If you find yourself awaken in the midst of the night, counting your worries and an aching heart full of distress within you, 

Thinking there is no one who could ever understand, no one who cares, no one to seek help from, 

Remember Allāh azza wa jal, waiting for that torn soul to call upon Him so He may respond, so He may help and mend that beautiful aching heart..

Remember tahajjud, the arrow which does not miss its target..

Everything you wish can come true, every sorrow, every pain, every worry can go away with His aid. 

Remember Him, and He’ll remember you. 

Because you’ll never have anyone in this world like Allāh subhanahu wa ta’ala..

if Allah did not want to accept your duaa…

Ibn Al-Qayyim said :

فإنه لو لم يرد اجابته لما ألهمه الدعاء 

if Allah did not want to accept your duaa, he would’ve not guided you to make it (in the first place) 

[ عدة الصابرين ]