• [PDF] ..So, Do Not Fear Them!

    By Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi. “So do not fear them, and fear Me if you are believers”. An Encouragement to Be Firm on the Truth, Openly Express It, and to Not Fear the Helpers of the Tyrants. Translated by Abu Sabaya.  118 View(s)  42 Download(s)  818.44 KBDownload More

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  • [PDF] Democracy – A Religion

    Recently, a debate between our religiously committed brothers has erupted on the Internet regarding the permissibility of participating in democratic elections in the West. An article entitled ?To Vote or Not to Vote? and another entitled ?Why Vote, and Who to Vote For?? in particular have raised several points, which we feel are necessary to […] More

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  • [PDF] The Music Made Me Do It

    Is the issue of music a controversial one in Islam? With the prevalence of computers and various electronic devices today, music and singing seem to be everywhere, and contemporary Muslims may be confused about their status in Islamic teachings. The Music Made Me Do It examines this topic in light of authentic Islamic sources, in […] More

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