• [PDF] Foundations of the Sunnah by Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal

    A collection of 3 treatises of the great Imam, with full Arabic text included. The book is complemented with extensive footnotes and 11 appendices – making it a valuable item for any English speaking student of Islaam. Also contains a comprehensive biography of the Noble Imaam with many moving narrations from him.   – Three […] More

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  • [PDF] Musnad Imam Ahmed Arabic/English (First 3 Volumes)

    Al-Marwadhi Said “I said to Ahmed ‘how are you this morning?’ He said ‘How would anyone be whose Lord is demanding that he carries out the obligatory duties, and his prophet is demanding that he follow the sunnah, and the two angels are demanding that he mend his ways, and his nafs (Inner Self) is […] More

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