[PDF][V2][DKI BEIRUT] The Prophetic Biography: Sirah of Ibnu Hisham, English (The First Complete Translation)

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The Prophetic Biography of Ibnu Hisham
As-Sirah Nabawiyyah
By 'Abd Al Malik Ibn Hisham (D.213 AH)
Translator : Dr Muhammed Mahdi Al- Sharif
Hardback 704 Pages
Size : 17 x 24 cm
Publisher : Dar Al-Kotob Al-Ilmiyah, Beirut

The First Complete Translation

​About The Book

The Prophet's biography occupies great status in the hearts of Muslims, since Muhammad (SAW) is our guide and a Mercy to Mankind.

Ibn Hisham says that he edited this biography and omitted certain details that were deemed too offensive to Muslims, he removed tales of people before the Prophet Ismail (AS) and tales of his sons and also a lot of probably unverifiable information (specially Poetry) from Ibn Ishaq's work.

The English Translation is further Summarised by removing the repetitions and chains of narrations so as to make it simpler for the English reader.

​Improved Version With Better English.

About The Author

Abu Muhammad Abd al-Malik Ibn Hisham was born in Basra and died in Egypt (d218 AH) : he edited the biography of the Prophet Muhammad( Sirat Rasullullah) written by Ibn Ishaq (d.151 AH).

Ibn Hisham was born in Egypt, studied in Kufa but lived afterwards in Egypt, where he gained a name as a grammarian and student of language and history. His family was of Himyarite origin and he also wrote Other Work.


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