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Note: Some pages were out of order and some pages were missing within some of the volumes. The pages have been re-ordered correctly and missing pages have been re-scanned and inserted into the PDFs.

For the first time in the English language, the complete translated version of the brilliant Tafseer As-Sa'di by Shaykh Abdur Rahman al-Sa'di (teacher of Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen), rahimahumAllaah.

Tafsir As-Sa'di is a straightforward, easy to read, easy to understand explanation of the meaning of Qur'anic Ayat and statements. In addition to the simplicity of Ibn Sa'di's writing, it is also articulate and eloquent.

Consequently, for those newly acquainted with Tafsir and those new to Islam, this Tafsir provides an uncomplicated, deep and insightful comprehension into the meaning and explanation of the Qur'an. Each volume has a glossary of Islamic terms and a detailed alphabetical index.

About The Author

Shaykh Abdur Rahman Nasir as-Sa'di was one of the foremost prominent scholars from the Arabian Peninsula. He was born in the city of 'Unaizah, Saudi Arabia, in the year 1309 AH (1885 CE). 

He began studying Islam at an early age. He excelled in his studies to such an extent that his fellow students asked him to tutor them; thus, not only was he a student, but he was also a teacher at the same time. 

He studied various Islamic sciences and disciplines from some of the leading scholars of that area, as well as some famous visiting scholars. He authored many works, which are in print today. 

Shaykh as-Sa'di passed away in the year 1376 AH (1956 CE) at the age of 69, and was buried in the city of 'Unaizah. 

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  1. As-salamu ‘alaykum,

    JazakAllahu khayr for the lovely volumes! These are really great! It would be fabulous if you could upload a higher-quality of this book (all vols.) as well, because the Arabic part of the books is a little bit pixelated and blurry. I know this amounts to a lot of work on your end but such important works should be available in multiple qualities so that everyone can benefit from them.

    I request you to upload a much higher quality of the work.

    Thanks! As-salamu ‘alaykum.

  2. Assalamualaikum wa rahmat Allahi wa barkat hu
    Please upload Sharhus-Sunnah

  3. Assalamu- Aleikum,
    JazakAllahu khayr for the upload
    The following pages are missing:
    Volume 1 pages 318 and 319
    Volume 3 pages 163 and 164
    Volume 6 pages 158 and 159
    If you could please rectify and add these pages to the relevant volumes.

  4. Excellent piece or work for the ummah. May Allah bless you for your relentless time, effort and money, aameen Ya Rab.

  5. Masha Allah
    Jazakhallah bikhair

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