[PDF] Oppression and the Oppressors by Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibn Rajab, Ibul Qayyim and Al-Sharawi

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This is book is by Sheikh Ul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah, Imam Ibn Rajab Al Hanbal, Imam Ibnul Qayyim Al Jawziyyah & Imam Mohammed Mutwali Al-Sharawi. when such names are mentioned on a cover of a book. A muslim should buy the book with his or her eyes closed. These are some of the greatest scholars of all times. some of the topics in the content pages are:


  • The most beloved creatures to Allah
  • Allah's honour to mankind
  • Relieving a Muslim in discomfort
  • Injustice in darkness
  • Allah will not wrong as little as the weight of an atom
  • The punishment of the wrongdoer in this life before the next life
  • Be Just ... even with the disbelievers and wrongdoers
  • Extravagance is man's injustice against his self



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