[PDF] On Bidding Farewell to Ramaḍān by Imam Ibn Rajab Al Hanbali

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Distributed free of charge, we present to you here an English translation of the final section of the Chapter on Ramaḍān of Ibn Rajab's famous book on the special characteristics of the Muslim lunar months, Latā’if al-Ma’ārif fī mā li Mawāsim al-‘Ām min al-Wadhā’if.

This book is the perfect reflection to read just before or even on the day of 'Īd al-Fiṭr. It's nourishing to read on one's own, or with one's family. It has everything in it one needs, regardless of whether you had an incredible Ramaḍān, or if you feel you've wasted it. The author here brings out the entire spectrum of the emotions felt by the believer in this blessed month: fear, regret, sadness, hope, and love.

Please keep the translators in your du'ā!

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