[PDF] My Sincere Advice To The Women By Shaykhah Umm Abdillah Al-Waadiiyyah

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This is the third edition of the book “My Sincere Advice to Women”. It contains corrections and addendum’s that would tackle female matters, especially as most women – May Allaah guide them – are ignorant of the matters of their religion and are inclined to worldly affairs, Hence they can neither distinguish between bad and good nor between lean and fat, and the truth has become mixed up with falsehood to them, thereby the truth becomes falsehood and falsehood becomes truth. This book contains sincere advice to the women, it is followed by questions and answers that were presented to the women and which they undertook the task of answering. I have chosen from one of their responses to be added to the advice to women.

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  1. As-salamu ‘alaykum,

    JazakAllahu khayr ikhwan wa akhwat for the wonderful and beneficial books that you’ve uploaded recently. Actually, I’ve the ‘Indian-print’ of this book and also the ‘Indian-print’ of the book “Supporting the Rights of the Believing Women” by Umm Salamah as-Salafiyyah.

    Could it be possible for you all to upload a higher-quality version of this book as well? Because, the current version’s quality is bit on the lower-end.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    As-salamu ‘alaykum.

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