[PDF] Injustice and unjust

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Justice is a fundamental part of Islam and is exemplified in every aspect of the Shariah.. Consequently, injustice has a destructive effect upon the whole fabric of society, resulting in corruption, rancour, distortion of the truth and anarchy amongst the masses. Allah and His Prophet have instructed us to be just in our dealings and treatment of people. The great calamity of this world is that we seek the help of the wrongdoer and help them in spite of their injustice The late famous Egyptian scholar Shaykh Muhammad Mitwalli al-Sha’rawi exmines this subject in his own inimitable way, making copious use of the Qur’an and Sunnah. The book also containes the views of two great Classical Scholars of Islam, Ibn Taymiya and Ibn Rajab.


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