[PDF] DAJJAL: The Anti Christ by Ahmad Thomson (Revised Edition)

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Dajjal : The Anti Christ 
By Ahmad Thomson
Paperback 232 pages
Size : 148 X 210 mm (Slightly Larger Than A5)
ISBN : 9781897940389
Publisher : Ta-Ha Publishers, London, UK

About The Book

At a time when many people are attempting to relate current events and trends in the world to interpretations of the prophecies contained in the Book of Revelations, and the writings of Nostradamus, and the predictions of fashionable clairvoyants, the author does much the same - but by referring to some of the prophecies which are contained in the Qur'an and in the recorded sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.

Dajjal is not simply a catalogue of such prophecies, nor is it concerned with analyzing specific events in the light of these prophecies. In viewing life in general in the late twentieth century the book is not merely a 'religious' critique of an aimless society. Rather, it examines and compares the outward existential behavior, along with its inward psychological reality, both of those who do not base their way of life on prophetic guidance, and of those who do.

About The Author

Ahmad Thomson was educated both in Zimbabwe and England, and having traveled widely, he was fortunate enough to escape having too rigid a cultural moulding or social conditioning.

Although brought up as a Christian, recognized and embraced Islam for what it was. He is currently practicing as a barrister and is deputy chairman of the Association of Muslim Lawyers (AML).

He has written widely on a number of Islamic issues, particularly the history of Muslim Spain.  "Islam in Andalus", "For Christ's Sake", "Dajjal the Antichrist", "Blood on the Cross", and many more

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  1. As-Salam-u-Alaikum.

    Brother, is the author and his works reliable? As per my knowledge, he is a well-known Sufi and a student of Abdalqadir as-Sufi, who is involved in many tariqas and innovations, exagerrating about the concepts of ascetism and Sufism. Kindly do state your stance and feedback on reading this work, JazakAllahu khair.

    • Walykum ssalaam warahmatullaah wabarakaatuh,

      undoubtly the authors aqeedah is based on sufism. But this book mainly deals about freemasonry, zionism and how they will take dajjal as their leader.

  2. Walykum ssalaam warahmatullaah wabarakaatuh

    You are right akhii Munir, the books has the mentality of Imraan Hussein’s view on dajjaal (claiming dajjaal to be a system)

  3. JazakAllahu khair for clarifying. May Allah bless you.


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