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Size 6 X 9 / Pgs.1056 / HARDBACK

Publisher: Daar as-Sunnah Publishers

 Product Description

Captured Thoughts by Imam Ibn Jawzi

A Collection of Thought-Provoking Gems, Persuasive Eye Opening Wisdoms, Insights about Religion,Ethics and Relationships.It is often the initial thoughts passing through our minds that have within them sparks of genius reflection. Imam Ibn al-Jawzi recognised the importance of capturing such thoughts before they slip through our conscious and become forgotten, so he did exactly that; he wrote down his ideas, musings and contemplative theories and compiled them in a distinctive work he entitled: ‘Saydil Khatir’.Saydil Khatir is from the more unique set of works penned by Ibn al-Jawzi, for it contains many of his personal precepts, estimations and axioms covering a multitude of subject matters, mostly touching upon practical decisions that impact us. It is perhaps for this reason that the book has always been well received in scholarly circles, and continues to be a source of personal counsel, spiritual comfort and social awakening for many who face choices and daily challenges similar to what Ibn al-Jawzi describes herein.Drawing wisdom and lessons from insights and vast experiences of others leads to good judgement and connecting with much needed critical thinking and self-reflection. The brevity of the book’s chapter content cloaks their lasting impressions made to inform and inspire the discerning reader. And by making such rare works accessible to English speaking Muslims, they measurably reflect the Prophetic principle of benefiting sincere advice to others. The end goal of which is to strengthen one’s relationship with the Creator and lead a more complete and wholesome way of life on Earth.
 This is a unique and inspirational work that will lead every reader wanting to read over and over again. It will Insha’Allah leave a lasting impression and it is sure to be a reference guide for all those who come across it. Many believe that this is a masterpiece of Imam Ibn Jawzi and a book that he was famous for. This landmark text is sure to inspire every soul with the permission of Allah.

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  1. As-salamu ‘alaykum,

    JazakAllahu Khayr for the book, I was wondering whether you’ve a better quality of this PDF. This book is great and its PDF is readable but not of high-definition as it still it pixelates I request you to a upload a higher-quality PDF if available.

    As-Salamu ‘alaykum.

  2. Wassalam walkum brothers thank-you for making these books readily available on PDF format may Allah reward you

  3. جزاكم الله خيرا
    Very beneficial work indeed,i have a request that please do mention about the translators aswell.

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