[PDF] Baytli Mamur by Shaykh Musa Jibril

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The seven heavens are trembling

(and) groaning, the Prophet صلى ا عليه وسلم said,

the seven heavens (are) trembling, groaning, like shaking, heavy load, why is that? It is befitting for it to tremble, (it’s) supposed too, why’s that? Because of the heavy load there, there isn't a space or a distance, you know your fingers together, there is no space, this is what the Prophet said, there is no space (for) four fingers until you find an angel standing in prayer or humbling, bowing in prayer, or (an) angel also prostrating, and they've been in that position since God created them. And when on the Judgement Day they're raised and erected, they will say 'Glory and praise be to you Allah, we did not make a just estimate of you such as due to you' - We did not appreciate you, we

didn't do enough!

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