[PDF] An Unequivocal Clarification Exposing The Qadiyani Ahmadiyya Sect

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Shaykh Muhammad As-Subayyil | Authentic Statements

This is a concise treatise clarifying the condition of the misguided sect known as the Qadiyaniyyah (Ahmadiyya). This is a warning against them; this is a clarification of their disbelief and exit from the fold of Islam.

Shaykh Muhammad As-Subayyil states in his introduction to this book, “Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was born in 1840 CE in Punjab, India, in the town of Qadian.  He claimed prophethood at the end of the 19th century, alleging that he had received revelation. He declared that anyone who did not believe in his false prophethood was a disbeliever. With this, a new sect appeared known as the Qadiyaniyyah or Ahmadiyya.  He designated his birthplace of Qadian as the centre to spread his indoctrination in India until he perished from cholera in May 1908 CE”.

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