Don’t despair of Allāh and His Power

Each one of us are in different situations, on different level in life that nobody really knows about. 

You might have that friend that’s always laughing, but whenever they come home, they are in solitude with broken hearts in front of Allāh. 

You might have, a friend that always helps you and reminds you of Allāh, when in reality she is reminding herself because of her own suffering and pain. 

The thing is, we’re all here for a different purpose, different meaning that some of us don’t know yet about. 

But Allāh created us, each and every one of us with different personalities and so with different tests. 

Something a friend of yours can bear, may be so that you cannot. 

So I turn to you, with a broken and shattered heart,

I turn to you, who is drowning in silence with all those hardships and pain that dunyā caused you, 

Don’t despair of Allāh and His Power. 

He is Your Lord and you are His slave. A slave He created, a slave that only bows down to Him so what makes you think that He won’t answer you when you call upon Him? 

Trust Him and depend upon Him.

Every du’ā you make won’t go to waste, He is your escape and reliever every time this dunyā becomes suffocating. 

— al.akhirattalab

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