Ramadan: still what we can do

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10 days from Ramadan already flew away, thats one third of the month, and before we know it, Ramadan will come to a close. For those of us that feel that we haven’t done enough, or are disappointed that they didnt take advantage of those days that passed, dont worry. Ramadan is not over yet! Everyday of Ramadan is precious, and there is plenty of deeds that can be done… 

1. Repent and make lots of Istighfaar.

2. Make dua.

3. Pick up the Quran, and start reading., set a target of a page, or even half a page a day, challenge yourself, the more the better.

4. If you dont know how to read the Quran, then atleast don’t ignore it, listen to it, make intention to start learning how to read it even if it be after Ramadan.

5. Attend your local mosque for any of the five daily prayers if you’re free… and If you’ve missed some nights of taraweeh, then try not miss any more. 

6. Give charity. No matter how small, but with the correct intention, it might be worth much more with Allah.

7. Manage your time wisely, seek knowledge, try to avoid time wasters.

I ask Allah swt to allow us to take advantage of this blessed month, and to not let this month end before we are forgiven… ameen

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