Traversing The Path Of The Strangers, By Ibn Al-Qayyim

Ibn Al-Qayyim said:

“… If this believer wishes to traverse this path, (then) let him prepare himself for the abuse of the ignoramus and innovator; the boycott of people and their warning others from him; just as their predecessors amongst the disbelievers did with the Prophet (saw).

Were this believer to call them to the true path and censure their way it will be as if the day of Rising has come upon them and they will plot and plan against him to the utmost of their ability!”

Ibn Al-Qayyim then goes on to mention:

“He will be a stranger with regards his religion because of the corruption of their religions.

He will be a stranger in his following the Sunnah because of their following innovations.

He will be a stranger in his beliefs because of their false beliefs.

He will be a stranger in his prayer because of their rundown prayers.

He will be a stranger in the path he traverses because of their misguidance.

He will be a stranger in his ascription because of their ascriptions.

And he will be a stranger in the way he deals with them because they deal with people based upon their desires.”

[Madaarij Al-Saalikeen, translated by Ustaadh Aboo Rumaysah]

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