[PDF] The Short Story of Al-Husain bin ‘Ali, (May Allah be Pleased with him) by Imam Ibn Katheer

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Al-Husain bin Ali (R.A) is one of the highest figures in Islamic history that everyone would like to know about from authentic resources. Here comes Darussalam Publishers with its newly launched e-book ‘The Short Story of Al-Husain bin Ali (May Allah be Pleased with him). Right from his birth to the peak of his life when with all his Faith and Fear for ALLAH, he decided to stand against evil doers in Karbala for saving Muslim Ummah and Islam by any means is what this book is all about.

What it contains:

This short book is actually the compilation of Hazrat Husain bin Ali R.A life events and his virtues as well. Extracted from "The caliphate of Banu Umayyah" (Al-Bidayah wan-Nihayah by Ibn Katheer), this brilliantly compiled book contains five chapters delineating different aspects of Husain’s life. Ahadeths showing excellences of Sayedna Hussain (R.A) are also therein this book.

1. Biography of Husain (May Allah be pleased with him)
2. Description of al-Husain’s Departure and an Account of What Later Happened to Him
3. Description of His Murder
4. Some of His Virtues
5. Some Poetry Eulogizing Al-Husain R.A

Features; what makes this e-book different from others

• Precise compilation of Sayedna Husain’s biography
• Clear and easy to understand language
• Authentic references from original sources
• True representation of actual Islamic events
• Reader friendly
• Easily downloadable
• Cost effective

It’s quite a motivational and must have e-book particularly for youth to boost their faith by learning about the true leaders of Islam like Sayedna Husain R.A and following their footsteps all through their life.

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